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                         Sail Fish
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                                    Spanish Mackerel
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GoldCoast:  It's no secret the Southport Seaway is a great place to fish. Whether you're into bait fishing, fly fishing or lures, the Seaway offers a host of fish such as Tuna, Mulloway, Mackerel, & Kingfish, as well as many smaller species, all there for the taking if it's your lucky day. Located between the Gold Coast and South Stradbroke Island, this deep channel is where the incoming tide flows into the Broadwater, bringing quantities of baitfish, prawns etc,which attract predators.Inside the channel, Wavebreak Island is a popular venue, and marks the beginning of the Broadwater. A lot of Smaller fish congregate here, such as Bream, and Flathead, and is a good spot when it's to rough to venture outside. The Seaway Website
has a picture of the Seaway, which updates every 20 seconds, and also displays tides and weather conditions. Heading north past South Stradbroke you enter...........

Jumpinpin:  Approx 1hr travelling time from Brisbane is Jacobs Well, a good launching ramp for boats,and Boat Hire is also available, along with a well stocked tackle shop.

A few top spots are marked on the map, which takes about 5 minutes to reach from the ramp, & if it's quiet there travel on further until you reach the Broadwater which leads up to the Bar.The Jumpinpin area is a favourite location for anglers chasing Bream, Flathead, & Whiting.
Moreton Island:  38 kms long,  is one of Australia's largest sand Islands, and access to the Island is by Highspeed Ferry, or Vehicle Barge. It is approx 35kms from Brisbane, and is very popular for 4 wheel drive campers, also Day Trippers to Tangalooma Resort. There is a collection of old rusted barges & dredges which have been beached near Tangalooma, in a few meters of water, which are known as " The Wrecks", and are visited by recreational fishos seeking a feed of Bream, Dart or Trevally.
Bribie Island:  is actually joined to the mainland by a bridge, and is under 1 hours drive north from Brisbane. The area of water that seperates it is known as Pumicestone Passage, a popular area for small boats and landbased fishermen, and produces a wide variety of fish species, such as Mangrove Jacks, jewfish, Estuary Cod, and of course Bream. Travelling up some of the streams that flow into the Passage, you'll find some very good spots, and in the upper reaches - the great Australian bass, in it's natural habitat. The seaward side of Bribie is well known for offshore Sail Fishing, at the right time of the year, and small to medium Marlin can often be found in this area.North of Bribie is....
Maroochydore:  Just over an hours drive north of Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast will lead you into Maroochydore & to one of the 5 boat ramps that give access to the open sea, or to the river system. Top fishing on some of the off shore reefs, and also in the river itself, brings fisherman back every year. Summertime, when the days are hot & humid, is the time to target Mangrove Jacks among the snags further up the creeks For those with boats, offshore features such as Mudjimba Island and Bray Rocks are excellent spots to try for species such as big-eye Trevally, Queenfish, Dart and Tailor.
Noosa:  The next major coastal town travelling north is Noosa.  Similar fishing habitats as Maroochydore with estuary systems and offshore reef fishing.  Power boats can be hired for fishing or water sports on the Noosa River.  If you venture outside, beware of the Noosa bar as it can be quite dangerous depending on the conditions of the day.  
Dave's Bay Fishing Charters:  If you're ever in Brisbane without a boat and want a days fishing on Moreton Bay, give Dave a ring on
07 - 32069798, and he'll organise a trip for up to three people.  Estuary and reef fishing  plus crabbing and prawning.  All bait and tackle is provided.  Beginners and Disabled are catered for, and as I have recently been on one of his trips, I can guarantee an excellent day out.  Fish species you can expect to catch are Snapper, Sweetlip, Bream, Flathead, Jewies and the likes of Hammerhead and Shovelnosed Sharks.  Departure points are Redland Bay, Cleveland or Victoria Point.  Be prepared for an early start.

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