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Generally speaking, fishing anywhere along the eastern seaboard of Australia can be very productive,and the species caught varie depending on the time of the year. Here I'll cover an area from Tweed Heads,on the border of New South Wales, through The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast to Frazer Island. Although we have excellent fishing all year round,Summer's the time when a lot of favourites come out to play. From Marlin to Bass, there are a lot of species that favour the warmer weather. In the coastal waterways and Estuarys, species such as Cod,Bream,Whiting, Flathead etc are in abundance, and at certain times Larger fish such as Trevally, Queenfish and Mullaway can be found close in.One of their favourite haunts would be The Seaway at the GoldCoast.Travelling north from here, the next popular spot would be the Jumpinpin area near Jacobs Well, which is a maze of small Islands and waterways, and many good spots to anchor up in and fish for estuary species. In this area are the first of a number of Islands giving shelter to these waterways, Sth Stradbroke, Nth Stradbroke, & to the North is Morton Island. Larger fish are found in Morton Bay, along with the occasional Turtle & Dugong. Outside these Islands, in open water,live a range of "Bluewater" fish, such as Sails, Marlin, Mahi Mahi,Sharks & other speedsters. Travelling further north past Bribie Isl we enter the Sunshine Coast Area, which has equally good fishing areas,some would even say better fishing the further north you go and they are probably right. There are some top spots off Noosa Heads for offshore fishing, and it's not hard to find a Charter Boat skipper who'll take you out for a day to remember.Following the coast north of Noosa,past Double Island Point & Rainbow Beach, you arrive at The Largest Sand Island in the world---"Frazer Island" which can only be accessed by 4wheel drive vehicles from the mainland.

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