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There are a number of Fresh Water Impoundments in the Brisbane area, and nearly all are stocked with a variety of Fish, such as Bass, Saratoga,Golden Perch,Silver Perch, and Mary River Cod.These fish are supplied as fingerlings, by the DPI hatcheries located at Borumba Dam and the many commercial hatcheries throughout Queensland, as well as hatcheries owned and funded by local fish stocking groups, such as those listed at  These fish seem to thrive in the dams and soon become eligible as keepers, growing to 5 kgs or more depending on the species. They share the impoundments with Native Fish, such as Eel Tailed & Fork Tailed Catfish, Lung Fish & Eels.For the past few years I have fished most of the Dams around Brisbane, and have had a good success rate.These spots include:
Hinze, Wivenhoe, Somerset, Moggera, Borumba, Bjelke Petersen, Crestbrook, & Cooby Creek, my favourite being Hinze Dam at the back of Nerang on the Gold Coast. I took part in the John Franklin Memorial Fishing Classic there in 1994, just after it was opened for fishing, & although I didn't take home any prizes, I had a great weekend. I would recommend any of these locations for a great days fishing, especially if you have access to a boat with an Electric motor, &
someone with local knowledge of the area.

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