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School Prawn

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Moreton Bay Bug

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Sand Crab
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Female Sandy

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Prawns:  These can be found in river mouths, estuaries, bays and oceans. They are harvested commercialy by trawlers, and are caught with cast nets by amature fisherman. There is a catch limit and the best time to catch them is mid/late summer.Many different types and sizes can be found around Australia, such as Banana, Tiger, Eastern King, and School Prawns.
Moreton Bay Bugs: Can grow to a length of 250mm, and are found from Moreton Bay to north Queensland. It has good local potential, although the name "Bug" could not help sales. It has a cousin in the Sydney area which is known as the Balmain Bug. Similar in size and shape.
Mud Crab:  also called a Muddie or Mangrove Crab. Found in NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia. It has huge powerful nippers which should be treated with respect. It lives in mud flats and tidal estuaries, particularly mangrove lined shores, and is usually caught overnight in crab pots set with fresh fish bait.They are delicious eating, and the minimum legal size in Queensland is 150mm measured across the carapace.(body) All Jennys [females] must be returned to the water.
Sand Crab: also known as Blue Swimmers or Sandys.
Similar habitat to the muddie, although prefers sandy seabed rather than mud. Caught in a crab pot, or in a trap known as a witches hat. This is a cone shaped net about 1 m in diameter at the base & 1m high, to which a float is attached so the net will keep its shape. Bait is suspended inside the net & when the crab trys to get at it, it becomes entangled. All good sized crabs should be cooked in boiling saltwater for about 15 minutes and then immediatly emersed in iced water. This will help set the flesh away from the shell. Females should be released back into the water for breeding stock.  

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