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In & Offshore reefs, also known as "Blurters" due to the grunting noise they make when taken from the water.
Size: Average size caught is about 450mm, but further north the Giant Trevally can reach 1200mm in length.
Bait: Will take most baits, live or dead.
Season: All year round.
Comments: There are many different types of Trevally, Golden, Silver, Giant, Bigeye to name a few. Not what you'd call a Top eating fish.

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In & Offshore Reefs.
Size: Up to 900mm.
Bait: Will take any fish bait, prefers octopus, squid or prawns.
Season: All year round in tropical & sub tropical waters.
Comments: This fish is a prized catch, great eating, & is usually found in the deeper channels around Coral Reefs.

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Offshore Reefs.
Size: Up to about 600mm, common size caught is 400mm.
Bait: Takes most fish bait, prawns & shellfish.
Season: All year round.
Comments: Inhabits inshore reefs when young, but moves to offshore reefs when older. Very good table fish.

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Estuary, inshore & offshore.
Size: Similar to, but smaller than the Emporer, common size caught around 380mm.
Bait: Taken on Squid, Pilchards, and cut fish pieces.
Season: Schooling fish taken most year round.
Comments: Top eating, can be Burleyed up in schools from the sandy coral bottom where they reside, good fighters.

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Estuary, inshore reefs.
Size: Up to about 380mm.
Bait: Squid, soldier crabs, pilchards & most cut baits.
Season: Late summer is one of the best times to catch Squire.
Comments: This fish is a juvenile Snapper. Slight pinkish colour, with scattering of bright purple spots over the upper side. As it matures it develops a prominent bump on top of the head.

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