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Estuary Species

Usually found in headwaters of streams above salt content.
 Legal Size: 300mm
 Bait: Lures, or worms,shrimps,yabbies.
 Season:  All year round, but better in summer months.
 Comments: Also bred and released into Dams & impoundments.
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Estuary & Coastal waters.
 Legal Size:  230mm
 Bait:  Prawns,Pilchards, Mullet gut.
 Season:  Best in winter months.
 Comments:  Known as Black Bream,Pikey Bream, Yellowfin. Grows to about400mm, common size caught is 250mm.  

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Estuary & beach fishing.
 Legal Size:  300mm.
 Bait:  Pilchards, Yabbies, Mullet Gut.
 Season:  All year round, better in Spring/Summer.
 Comments:   Main types are Dusky & Sand. Grows to 500mm, common size caught is 400mm.  
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Estuary & inshore reefs.
 Legal Size: 450mm.
 Bait:   Large Worms, Pilchard, Squid, Livebait.
 Season:  Summer or Winter.
 Comments:  Estuary & River species sometimes refered to as "Soapies" grows to about 1.800mm, common size caught is 900mm.

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