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Great White
Albacore Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna

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Mahi Mahi

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Southern Bluefin

Blue Marlin

Men in Grey Overcoats:  What can you say about these denizens from the deep. Over the years they have been given many names such as Maneaters & scavengers etc,but like all of us they are only trying to survive the best way they can. As they grow to an older age, they cannot compete in the fastlane for food, and so they often come inshore & into estuaries for easy pickings. This can cause some problems for wildlife & domestic animals, who venture into the water, and also in some instances to Humans. As far as fighting qualities when hooked, most sharks just want to roll around your line and make a mess of your gear. The only shark I would consider worthy of the label "Gamefish" would be the Mako. When hooked they put up a great fight, often leaping into the air similar to a Marlin. I have even heard of one occasion when, during a fight , one actually jumped and landed in the boat containing the angler who was fighting it.

Tuna:  There are many species of Tuna located in the waters around Australia. They are harvested commercially for canning & for export to countries like Japan for Sushi. They are also caught by Gamefishermen & make an excellent live or dead bait when trolled for Marlin etc. The main species are Yellowfin, Northern & Southern Bluefin, Longtailed and Skipjack Tuna. All are strong swimming speedsters, and are a lot of fun to catch.

MahiMahi:  Also known as Dolphin Fish because of the obvious head shape. An offshore surface fish often located in areas of ocean where there is floating debris which attract small baitfish. Beautifully coloured body which changes when taken from the water.Olive green head & the body is an iridescent green-blue with numerous spots, merging to a golden belly. The colours fade and then become brilliant again. On death, they vanish & the fish becomes a dull grey.They will readily take a trolled lure, and once hooked they will fight hard, dashing about wildly and making spectacular leaps. Very good eating.

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Moreton Bay
Freshwater Species
Estuary Species
Reef Species
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