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Australian Bass
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Murray Cod

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  Golden Perch

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Silver Perch

FRESHWATER impoundment fishing for native fish and other introduced species has experienced a real boom over the last decade or so. Millions of dollars and lots of hard work have gone into stocking impoundments with a wide variety of fish to accomodate increasing numbers of anglers.
  In this day and age, impoundment fishing has been the saving grace of freshwater fishing due to the degraded state of, and subsequent poor fishing in, the majority of river systems. All in all, freshwater impoundments are offering some very accessible and productive fishing for the average fisho.
   Here is an outline of some of the main freshwater species that can be found in South East Queensland.

 Australian Bass        average weight     2 kg
  Golden Perch                                         2 kg
  Silver Perch                                           1.5 kg
  Saratoga                                               2.5 kg
  Mary River Cod                                   3 kg
  Murry Cod                                             6 kg
  Catfish                                                   2 kg

BASS.       Length- up to 450mm. Average catch size 360mm
They can be found in their natural state in headwaters of creeks & rivers, and when ready to spawn will travel downstream until they reach brackish water. After spawning, they return upstream to the fresh.In Freshwater Dams & impounments they cannot do this, so restocking in these localities is done regularly by Dept Primary Industries.
 A tough little fish that puts up a good fight. Caught on small trolled Lures and bottom fishing with live bait.( worms, shrimps etc )
 Catch Limit = 2

GOLDEN & SILVER PERCH.    Similar to Bass in size, although Goldens can be found up to 550mm or bigger. Released into impoundments regularly, and caught on lures or fishing livebait.Protests initially when hooked, but usually succumbs fairly quickly.
 Catch Limit = 10

SARATOGA.  Up to 600mm in length, and caught mainly by Fly fisherman using surface flys. A top fighter, but only available in certain impoundments.( Hinze & Borumba ) Very boney and you'd have to be desperate to eat them.
MURRAY COD.  Length = up to 1.6m, but average size caught nowadays is about 900mm. Found in river systems & some impoundments, mainly Sth West of Brisbane and NSW. Takes large lures and live bait. Good eating..  
MARY RIVER COD.  Smaller than Murray Cod and also only found in certain impoundments. Up to 800mm in length, Good eating. I've only ever caught these fish in the Hinze Dam, in the GoldCoast Hinderland.
Trolled lures mainly and the limit is 1 per person.


CATFISH.  Length = up to 700mm, average size caught is 400mm.
Found in their natural environment &  impoundments.Not a released bred fish. Two types, Fork tailed & Eel tailed. Both have a poisonous barb on their back, which can inflict severe pain if spiked by it. Edible.
 One other fish I would mention is the LUNGFISH. I've only ever
seen and caught this species at Wivenhoe Dam, west of Brisbane.They are totaly Protected & must be released when caught. Up to 1.2mm long & put up a great fight. Caught on bait only when fishing for other species.

There is a Fishing Park located about 7 kls from Beenleigh, on the Beaudesert/Beenleigh Rd heading towards Mt Tamborine, consisting of a series of ponds well stocked with many fish species including Barra, and for a moderate fee you can fish for a couple of hours. Fly gear is included or BYO. Beautifully set out park and includes BBQs for Family Picnics.


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